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I’m a huge fan of cup holders. The old ones that used to hook to the window — I loved those. So, when I get into a car, I check out where the cup holders are. I like when they’re hidden and I get to go searching for them. I like when they’re adjustable so they can hold my coffee cup and my water bottle.

The cup holder layout makes the car. I don’t like where the cup holders are in my car, and yes, that’s part of the reason I’m searching for a new one.

Why do we need a place to put our drinks? Are we the only nation that drinks and drives? My guess is that we eat more in our cars than any other nation — but then again, we eat more than any other nation.

So, imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon an article by one of my favorite authors, Henry Petroski, on the history of the auto cup holder. Oh great joys, the article even states that “Malcolm Gladwell quotes the French cultural anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille expressing amazement that the first thing educated car-buyers look at in a car is how many cup holders it has.”

Read on!
Just don’t spill on my floor mats!


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  1. If you look at consumer reports – you’ll will be amazed at how consistently the first thing rating reviews mentions are CUPHOLDERS. I am the owner of a saab, which has a cupholder that you touch, and it unfolds elegantly out of the dash. It’s not why I bought the car, but it is the cupholder against which I swhall measure all others.

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