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I’ve posted the results from the Twitter story project from my Digital Storytelling class at Empire State College. The students amazed me  —  the process, the writing, the humor, the continuity! They are an amazing group to begin with, and I’ve been delighted by their work in this class.

The students had one week to complete the story and each needed to post at least seven times during the week. I used the Twitter search feature to follow the story throughout the week, and one of the students compiled his feed and posted the complete project in PDF on the course site.

The project rules were adapted from the Collective Storytelling group on Tribe:

  1. In order to add to the story, you should read it from the beginning to the point that it leaves off (each time you post).
  2. No denying!!! You may not ignore information that has been presented, nor may you have a character change his/her mind, wake up from a dream, or say, “Just kidding,” unless it’s essential to the plot line.
  3. Wild/crazy/imaginative elements are, of course, welcome, but they should fit the previously established style of the story.
  4. No derailing a story for your own amusement.
  5. You may not post back-to-back.
  6. Each post should describe only a moment and not go on to tell the whole story. That would defeat the purpose of the game!
  7. Be kind. Don’t send messeges or post threads and criticize someone’s writing. That’s not why we’re here. If someone posts something that doesn’t fit, take it as a challenge and try to incorporate it back into the story.

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