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He says, “You know what we do

I don’t know what you do

We take over quality and ingenuity

And make a shit shack

You tell me you make beauty out of chaos

Our piles of crap do not meet your standards”

I stand

Tell you that my beautiful shit smells distinctive

Fertilizes the work of hundreds

Feeds the hungry masses

You’ve always wanted this job

Take it

Take it and make it your own damn pile of shit

I take satisfaction knowing that yours

Stinks of mediocrity



The cheese stands alone
So the story goes
You are one left standing in the middle
The circle you once held together with all of your might
Given away all you’ve reaped
Forgotten how or what to sow
Watching others sell their cows for magic beans
The farmer takes a wife
Magic is a funny thing
It makes things disappear
Leaves you standing alone
Like the cheese

Storytelling and poetry are my genres, so imagine how thrilled I was to perform at the 2010 Fray Cafe at SXSW in Austin this past March! Thanks to Kevin Smokler for the opportunity to perform, and for getting everything recorded and up online.

As stated on the Web site: Fray Cafe is an evening of true, personal stories told live. This event took place on Sunday 14 March in Austin, Texas, as part of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, hosted by Kevin Smokler.

Just scroll down and find my name!

And yes, it’s very true.

Read an article in the Times science section yesterday about Plenty magazine. Let’s see who really wants to save the environment. After all, with global warming, Barbie gets to wear more halter tops … I, for one, am going to get my hands on a copy of at least one issue to see if it’s got any substance. Smart living for a complex world? Oh, my. After reading their mission, I’m worried. But, if we can convince people that they can be green and still attractive and comfortable, maybe it’s worth it!

Well, I’ve seen lots of dating sites, but this one has won hands down!

While perusing stuffed animals online with Rosalie (she was looking at the sheepies like her Bobby that I bought her in Wales) I stumbled across what I thought would be an area of the site where she could find a penpal that also had the same stuffed sheep. But no, I found the best personals ads I’ve ever seen – for sheep!

Is the EPA really this evil? In order to “to better understand how young children come into contact with pesticides and other chemicals in their home”, the EPA is going to test toxic chemicals on young families in poor communities. Please have a look at the ongoing conversation at the Organic Consumers Association site.

Thanks to my friend Rich Bader for pointing this one in my direction.

Feeling like you need a little help with your Yiddish? Here’s some help from Dick and Jane.

I’m still laughing.

Haven’t blogged in a while. Guess I’ve been in a bit of a fog since election 2004. I’m waiting for someone to shake me and wake me from this nightmare.

But I’ve got to move on. Had a wonderful lunch with Dror Ze’evi, our Perlow lecturer here at Skidmore this semester. Picked his mind about the peace process, about history, about boundaries and possibilites. He’s promised me a reading list to fill in the gaps. I want to know more about Jerusalem in the 1940s.

I’m still trying to come to terms with what Zionism means now.

Ooh. Politics and religion. My two favorite subjects. Geez, no wonder I’m single.

Arrived back safe and sound and well rested after a week of being so well cared for by my dearest sister. Wales is lovely and I recommend the lamb. Yumm.

So, I’m back in time for election day and I cast my vote along the Working Families line, as I prefer to cast my vote for John Edwards. My hat goes off to Michael Moore (my hero) for the Weblog he’s running today about voter interference.

Don’t reverse anything! Hello Yankees? Come on home and bring me the pennant please. The rivalry is there, and I’m being heckled by the local Sox fans. It’s time to get a copy of the Frommer’s Red Sox/Yankees Rivalry book out.

Even with the entire family wearing Yankee t-shirts, and hours of chanting “no more games”, those nasty Sox beat my boys. Poo.

And don’t you love it when Posada gracefully places his hand on his pitcher’s butt? I do.