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I’ve posted the results from the Twitter story project from my Digital Storytelling class at Empire State College. The students amazed me  —  the process, the writing, the humor, the continuity! They are an amazing group to begin with, and I’ve been delighted by their work in this class.

The students had one week to complete the story and each needed to post at least seven times during the week. I used the Twitter search feature to follow the story throughout the week, and one of the students compiled his feed and posted the complete project in PDF on the course site.

The project rules were adapted from the Collective Storytelling group on Tribe:

  1. In order to add to the story, you should read it from the beginning to the point that it leaves off (each time you post).
  2. No denying!!! You may not ignore information that has been presented, nor may you have a character change his/her mind, wake up from a dream, or say, “Just kidding,” unless it’s essential to the plot line.
  3. Wild/crazy/imaginative elements are, of course, welcome, but they should fit the previously established style of the story.
  4. No derailing a story for your own amusement.
  5. You may not post back-to-back.
  6. Each post should describe only a moment and not go on to tell the whole story. That would defeat the purpose of the game!
  7. Be kind. Don’t send messeges or post threads and criticize someone’s writing. That’s not why we’re here. If someone posts something that doesn’t fit, take it as a challenge and try to incorporate it back into the story.
Advertisements really says that. Just type in 13066 for the zip. Ooh I just absolutely LOVE Central New York weather.

It wasn’t until this year, when I became a part-time resident of the CNY area, that I became aware that there’s more than just lake-effect snow. There are favored snowbelt locales!! And I’m so proud that I even know that one of them is the Tug Hill Plateau! Yeah, that’s about all I know.

Am shocked when I look at the radar map for precipitation in the area. It’s like the grey cloud that hung over Eyore or something. Band of snow RIGHT on top of Syracuse.

I feel for you CNY folks while I’m here in my little Capital district with only minor snow squalls. And am for once pleased to be out of favor!

It’s only January and I’m already tired of Winter. The ice and snow storms are hampering my 45 minute commute to the office.

I should be pleased that I can work from home in my yoga pants and hoodie in my dining room mini corner office (it’s like the corner song from R&H tv Cinderalla). Then there’s the kids home from school that for some reason just “have” to play Guitar Hero at 8 AM. Yeah, I should set parameters, but how can I stop them from enjoying a snow day? They did wear their pajamas backwards and sleep with spoons under their pillows after all.

The commute is just a pain in the tush. And this comes from a New Yorker that spent 18 years commuting on the N, R, D, F, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and the PATH over those years. Sometimes had a 1.5 hr ride from Astoria to Wall St. And now a little drive from Saratoga to Albany is … I know. My dear friends in LA told me that if they heard me kvetch about a 45 minute commute again they’d smack me.

It’s really not safe to be on the road right now. As sick as it sounds … yes, I’d rather be in my little cubicle at 625 Broadway. Instead, I’m home-office bound in my corner and am entertained by a 12 year old playing Guitar Hero (oooo baracooooooda). Yoga pants, hoodie, diet Pepsi, and beloved Angel 7.3.

Let it snow?

I’m testing out WordPress and am completely blown away by what I can do here. Man, have they come a long way from where they started. Nice app! I’ve imported my old Ciaro e Semplice blog over from Blogger.

Welcoming the new year with a new style. Hugs to all.

Oy, Jane! Why me?

Jane Bozarth has passed on the “Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me” challenge to me. Not having blogged here in SUCH a long time, I am forced to resume what I should be doing every day or so. Yes, Jane. Thank you, Jane.

1. I was on the Grandma’s Teeth bowling team at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The Fed used to have a bowling alley down underneath the main floor … somewhere above the gold vault. We were close to last place. Oh, wait. I was on the Fed Research softball team one year too. We WERE in last place!

2. I met Alan Greenspan (going with the Fed theme) in his office. I had my head in his fireplace and my tush sticking out — admiring the wrought iron — when he walked back into his office. His remarks? “Oh, I forgot my paper”.

3. I was bitten by a dog when I was 12 years old (going with the tush theme). My good friend had a show dog and apparently I went onto the doggie porch when I shouldn’t have. Yes, there’s a piece of tush missing (OK, some of you know that) and I still don’t like dogs.

4. My father worked on the Apollo Lunar Landing Module. When I was young, we all used the silver/gold paper from the module to wrap presents. I was so embarrassed that we didn’t have normal wrapping paper. I still have a search light from the Lunar Module. No cool wrapping foil, though.

5. I love hot air ballooning. Hate flying in planes, love ballooning. Once flew at the helm of a balloon for 20 minutes after working ground crew for the Black Tie balloon team in New Jersey. There was a young man from NYC who wouldn’t stop talking during our flight. The whole point of flying is the quiet — right? Oy, he wouldn’t stop chatting. So, the balloon captain told me to take the helm. Then mentioned to the entire bunch of us (seven adults crammed in a wicker basket) that I’d never flown a balloon before and gave me flight directions. Man, did that guy go quiet!

6. I also once piloted the Staten Island Ferry going from SI to Manhattan. There were a group of us riding the ferry back and forth for a few hours drinking bottles of champagne. The captain invited me up and let me take the wheel and told me to point the boat right between the towers.

7. I sleep with a stuffed hippo that was given to me by my sister’s husband. He died a few years ago — way too soon. He sent me on a treasure hunt to the store where the hippo, already paid for, was waiting for me. After he died, I bought my sister the same hippo when I found it for sale at Sears. She sleeps with hers as well. Each hippo sits on the pillows when we make our beds. Hers lives in London with her, and has a page on Facebook. Mine’s too shy for Facebook. We take our hippos to visit each other on occasion. Family members indulge our insanity. Isn’t that what family is for?

I could add that I once shimmied across a Hawaiian stage in a grass skirt and coconut bra, that I love my family, miss my mom, depend on a fantastic group of friends, am passionate about what I do, love Antigua, love the undersea world, live to fish, am proud of my children … but you already knew that!

Hugs to you all this new year.

Now I have to pass this on to 7 people! Here we go: Clark, Alison, Char, Alan, Rachael, Isaac and Robert?

The October/November issue of Innovate Online has a great article from Steven Downes, titled “Places to Go: Connectivism & Connective Knowledge“. The article highlights the course (titled the same) that Downes teaches with George Siemens.

Great integration of Web 2.0 tools and an amazing peek into a decentralized course structure (of which I am so fond!).

Worth exploring more: Downes uses a course newsletter to keep students on track.

I do try to get things done when I should, but there’s a procrastination streak in my blood that just rears it’s ugliness way too often. Yes, I do find myself standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open waiting for my food to come to life like on the Pee Wee show.

We know that there’s a Web page for everything, so here’s a great way to waste even more time … Great Moments in Procrastination. I’m quite fond of office jousting!

I’m a huge fan of cup holders. The old ones that used to hook to the window — I loved those. So, when I get into a car, I check out where the cup holders are. I like when they’re hidden and I get to go searching for them. I like when they’re adjustable so they can hold my coffee cup and my water bottle.

The cup holder layout makes the car. I don’t like where the cup holders are in my car, and yes, that’s part of the reason I’m searching for a new one.

Why do we need a place to put our drinks? Are we the only nation that drinks and drives? My guess is that we eat more in our cars than any other nation — but then again, we eat more than any other nation.

So, imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon an article by one of my favorite authors, Henry Petroski, on the history of the auto cup holder. Oh great joys, the article even states that “Malcolm Gladwell quotes the French cultural anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille expressing amazement that the first thing educated car-buyers look at in a car is how many cup holders it has.”

Read on!
Just don’t spill on my floor mats!

I’ve been using LinkedIn for about two years now and just remembered that it is an excellent example of a virtual community!

Wikipedia’s page on Virtual Communities has a nice crop of examples.